Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Anti Resolution List

It's around this time every year that the same type of posts seem to crop up across social media. The 'next year will be my year' Facebook statuses and the 'new year new me' Inspirational quotes that promise better of us in the new year. Even though a lot of us tend to have a bit of a giggle at the idea of a completely fresh start come January 1st there are bits of this kind of thinking that always draw me in. 

Of course there's absolutely nothing wrong with looking to the future and reflecting on the things we could do to be a better person, as a perpetual worrier I'm definitely guilty of this kind of thinking more often than not, but after being totally inspired by a recent post by the lovely Liv I've decided to go in a slightly different direction this new year.

No full year could possibly be perfect, my 2015 certainly had a lot of lulls and low moments that were partly my own making and partly just bad luck, but it also had a lot of ups that I'd rather remember and even celebrate! I've decided that I don't want to list all of my bad habits, and the things I need to work on for the future just yet, so instead, have my anti resolution list. All things that went well (even great) for me in 2015 written in one place, in case come 2016 I ever need to remember that I can totally do this!

  • The biggest thing (and the only thing that could really come first) was graduating from university with a first class psychology and philosophy degree after the hardest (but most brilliant) three years. 
  • With a first in my third year dissertation to go along with it! This was extra special because it was a piece of my own research on a topic I'm really passionate about. 
  • After two failed tests I can honestly say I think I'm closer than ever to finally nailing this driving thing. It's taking its sweet time but I'm proud of myself for sticking with it, especially because I'm not a natural at all. 
  • Performing at Parklife festival for the second time with my uni cheer team, which was an absolute blast, if a little nerve wracking! 
  • Starting a voluntary placement to hopefully gain actual irl experience to go with my degree. I'll be honest in saying I've struggled to find a graduate position that fits me so far since graduating in July, but I'm glad to be taking positive steps towards the future any way I can. 
  • Voting for the first ever time in the general election, yay for democracy.  
  • I finally took the plunge and dyed over my red hair. I've been wanting to do it for ages but could never quite work up the courage until this summer. 
  • Me and Marc have made it through another year of long distance. We're looking at getting our first teeny tiny house together next year though (eee) so hopeful it'll be the last full year of us being apart.

I hope 2015's been good to you all, here's to a shiny new one! 

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