Saturday, 30 January 2016

I don't know about you but I'm feeling twenty two

Sorry not sorry for the most cliche blog post title in the whole wide world, but this past Thursday marked my 22nd birthday and I just couldn't help myself. 

As well as celebrating the day by listening to a lot of T-swift and eating lemon drizzle cake in bed (cheers mum) I also got to thinking a lot about whether being 22 means I'm a full grown real adult. My life right now is definitely not what 16 year old Kate would have imagined, but over this past half a year or so I've realised that that's actually okay. I mentioned in my Graduation post nearly half a year ago that post grad land didn't have me half as worried as I thought it would, and as a worrier by nature this was pretty impressive. I'm not where I thought I'd be right now, but I am working towards what I want (although my current goals might change over time and that's aye okay too) and I can't ask any more of myself. 

There's a saying constantly floating around the internet 'nothing will screw up your twenties like thinking you have to have your shit together' and I totally get it because I definitely don't feel this calm all the time. As I mentioned before I'm a born worrier and I've often ended up on the phone to my boyfriend in tears before because sometimes its hard to see what to do when your goals feel a million miles away. But I know I'm not on my own in feeling totally overwhelmed by life on occasion, and that's a big comfort. I might be a proper adult now (though its still up for debate) but its okay to feel like I don't have everything sussed all the time because everyone else in the world feels it too.

One of my all time fave bloggers and magic makers Gala Darling captioned one of her recent instagram pictures 'live the full width of your life, not just the length of it' and it struck such a cord with me you wouldn't believe. I want to write it in big bold letters and let it serve as a little reminder to the newly 22 year old me to not be so focused on the destination that I completely miss all the fun of the journey. 

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