Friday, 15 April 2016

A Spring Refresh

Ask anyone who knows me well and I'm 100% sure they’ll tell you I'm the least organised person they know. I don’t use a diary (the super popular bullet journal would be absolutely wasted on me), I'm an avid fan of the floordrobe and throughout university my filing system was really one of a kind (read non-existent.) However something strange came over me at the beginning of the week, I'm calling it spring fever, and I had the strongest desire to get semi-organised and have a massive spring clean/bedroom clear out.

(Stolen from unsplash, one day my room will look this pinterest!)

So this week I've spent all of my spare time after work holed up in my room with Spotify on nice and loud on a massive de-cluttering mission. I've thrown out at least three bags worth of old magazines, receipts and other rubbish, and I've almost halved the size of my wardrobe. I've reorganised my relatively mini make-up and skincare collections and I've even dedicated a spare draw to blogging props, cute things that don't actually have a purpose, and stationary in an effort to at least pretend I can be professional. It’s like I'm a changed woman! I always thought the phrase tidy room tidy mind was mostly crap, but I genuinely feel lighter and so much more excited to crack on and get shit done. If only I had a desk in my room I’d really be cooking!

My actual bedroom isn't really to my taste any more; I last had it decorated when I was maybe 17 and it's all bright fuchsia pink walls and varnished yellow wood. But I'm planning to move out in September so there isn't any point in redecorating or even buying all of the cute home ware I keep seeing (I mostly blame Hannah’s interior lists) because I know Marc will want to decide on big pieces for our little rented flat together. That said I'm determined to do what I can to make my room feel more me, and to keep it tidy, until I move out. I might be reluctant to buy big things but £3 spray carnations, mini A5 prints and a made bed can go a long way. I can't have as big of a refresh as I'd really like, but that can wait till September. 

I feel so much better after my week of cleaning and sorting that I'm really determined to stay on top of my shit and be a little more organised with my stuff generally. I'm not expecting miracles or anything, I'm definitely always going to be messy at heart, but now I'm an actual adult I think a girls got to at least give being more organised a try. Wish me luck! 

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