Friday, 22 April 2016

What Kind of Blogger am I?

(I'm the kind of blogger who take pictures in London for a blog post she never actually writes)
Recently I've been really interested in figuring out what kind of blogger I am. When I first started writing here I called myself a beauty and lifestyle blogger, because that just seemed to be the done thing. Because that was all I was reading at the time I didn't really think about there being other options. I wrote a lot of single product reviews when I first started out but eventually realised I didn't care about what I was writing. Post after post of lack lustre reviews just didn't inspire me anymore, especially when I tend not to even brush my hair on a typical day, let alone wear a lot of make-up.

So with this is mind when I had a mini relaunch at the start of this year I got rid of the beauty and lifestyle blogger tag from my about me page and decided to wing it, and write about whatever I wanted. So far this has included an advice post, a book review post and little lone beauty post. I've really enjoyed limiting what I write about to topics I feel passionate about and it’s only made me want to diversify and try more new things. 

I'd love to write about food (I'm very passionate about carbs, cocktails and good Mexican food), travel, politics and even more ‘lifestyle’ whatever lifestyle actually means. I want to write about all the things I love even if they don’t fit together, and even if it means I’ll never fit into any kind of blogging niche. I like to try my hand at a lot and I'm happier that my blog reflects this a little bit better now, it just feels more me.

Of course not everything will work for me, beauty blogging for the sake of it being a bright shiny example, but I'll never know what does work if I don't give it a go in the first place. It's all a learning curve and if that means I make a few mistakes and write a few bad posts so be it. Similarly if only creating content that I really care about, and actually enjoy creating, means fewer posts then that's something I'm 100% happy to live with, although once a month is a bit ridiculous so soz about that, I'll try harder I promise. 

After a little bit of soul searching I think it's obvious I'm a ‘little bit of everything’ kind of blogger, and I'm definitely happiest that way! What kind of blogger are you?

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