Saturday, 7 May 2016

25 Before 25

Back in January when I turned 22 I decided I needed to get my ass in gear and set myself some proper grown up life goals. Unfortunately I never actually did, or I never wrote them down anyway, because I'm super unorganised/a terrible person. But Mondays #thegirlgang twitter chat, which was SO much fun btw definitely get your bum their next time if you're free, has left me all kinds of motivated to finally set myself some goals for the next few years. 

I've had a good long think about the kinds of things I want to achieve, how realistic I want to be (very) and how flexible I want to be (also very) and come up with a slightly belated 25 things I want to achieve before/while I'm 25. Otherwise referred to as my quarter life crisis bucket list! Some things are teeny tiny and some are a bit bigger and may take more work (and maybe even longer than 2 and a half years) but I'm excited to get started on everything anyway. I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself though, if I manage to tick them all off before I'm 26 that would be amazing, but if not its really not the end of the world, what will be will be and all that Jazz. 
  1. Pass My Driving Test for the love of god! (4th time lucky maybe?
  2. Be working as a psych counselling assistant or similar with a view to progress higher. 
  3. Have started a Masters in counselling psychology.
  4. Visit Disneyland Paris.
  5. Move out and be living in my own little flat or house with Marcy.   
  6. Decorate said little flat or house so it feels like home.
  7. Invest in a more expensive camera.
  8. Open a savings account and acquire some savings. 
  9. Figure out a skincare routine that works for me and stick to it.  
  10. Nail cooking a good veggie Sunday roast.   
  11. Visit Scotland with Marc. I want him to see why I love it so much. 
  12. Go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London 
  13. Learn how to bake macaroons. 
  14. Go to Glastonbury. I was SO close to going this year but Marc didn't manage to get a ticket. *cries* 
  15. Go on a European City break, city to be confirmed.
  16. Run a 5K, maybe even a 10K if I'm feeling particularly ambitious. 
  17. Adopt a puppy or 7. 
  18. Go back and visit Manchester for a least a weekend every year. 
  19. Figure out a way of being more organised with important documents, money, ect that works for me.
  20. Go camping. In the wilderness and everything.
  21. Go Vegan for at least a month. 
  22. Go on a girlie holiday, or at least a girlie weekend away. 
  23. Take myself on a solo date or two. 
  24. Give blood at least once every year. 
  25. Make a real effort to see my family and friends when I move away. The thought of losing contact with people who mean the world to me makes me so sad! I need to swallow any anxiety I feel and not be afraid to message people first and get shit organised! 
I'm going to keep track of how I'm doing on this post (everything I've done will be crossed through) but anything big I manage will definitely get a little update all of its own so watch this space. Oh and please link me to any similar lists you might have written, I'd love to have a read and maybe get some inspiration for next time. Lots of Love!

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