Wednesday, 8 June 2016

24 Hours in London

The title of this post is a little bit of lie because it was probably more like 27 hours, but that didn't read quite as snappy so here we are! 

I’ll be completely honest here; London isn't one of my favourites. It’s so busy all the time, people aren't as friendly as they are in the North (side note; last time I was in London I cried on the underground after I accidently bumped into someone and they swore at me) and I’ve done the typical London touristy stuff to death already. But it is Marc’s favourite, and seen as though he managed to wangle two free tickets to go see Les Mis last week (I know!) I couldn't really say no to a flying visit could I?

We travelled down Thursday dinner time after I finished work and got in to Central London, we stayed in Soho, around 4 ish. After the massive success of our first Airbnb stay we decided to book our room with them for a second time and oh my god I think it might have been even nicer than the first one! The d├ęcor was incredible, our host was lovely, and our room was maybe a 5 minute walk from the theatre, honestly the location could not have been better!

Once we’d got settled in and had a quick cup of tea we went exploring for somewhere cheap and cheerful to eat at before the show. We ended up at Vapiano, a little Italian chain, where you order directly from the chefs who make your food in front of you however you want it. I went for creamy mushroom tagliatelle (extra garlic, hold the chilli thanks) and it was lovely. We also had time for a cocktail or two (god bless happy hour) next door at 100 Wardour Street. I went for a prosecco and rose vodka slush concoction because everything else seemed kind of scary, it was lovely though so no complaints here. The show itself was definitely the highlight of my weekend though. Despite it not being top of my ‘to watch list’ before I saw it I’d recommend it to anyone and go again in a heartbeat. 

During our journey down I’d asked for London recommendations from the lovely girls in #thegirlgang group on Facebook (big love to them for all their help) so Thursday was dedicated to hunting down a couple of their suggestions, and first things first I was determined to find somewhere to go for brunch.

We tried The Breakfast Club first but the queue outside was something ridiculous and I guess it just wasn't meant to be, luckily Jackson & Rye was just down the street from our accommodation and their American inspired breakfast menu read like a dream. I had the Avocado Florentine and oh my god I have never had runnier poached eggs in my life, they were SO good.

Once we’d eaten we set about wandering around what felt like the whole of central London for the rest of the day. Highlights included visiting Westminster Abbey (so pretty), going to the Lush store on Oxford Street, visiting Liberty and getting ‘that’ famous flower shot for Instagram and making Marc take a couple of outfit photos for me in front of the prettiest wall on Carnaby Street. 

Once we’d finally finished mooching we decided we had just enough time for a super quick tea before setting off back home. We settled on yet another recommendation from the Girl Gang lovelies which was Homeslice, a pizza place worthy of the Gods over in Covent Garden. They specialise in giant 20 inch pizzas for £20 and have some of the most weird and wonderful flavour combinations I’ve ever seen. Me and Marc played it relatively safe and went for a half and half salami, rocket and parmesan/mushroom, ricotta and pumpkin seed pizza that was honestly so good I nearly cried. The actual restaurant was brilliant too, super quirky with prosecco on tap and really friendly service, I would 100% recommend it!

We had such a wonderful 24 hours away that I think I might actually be a bit of a London convert now. At least nobody made me cry on the tube this time anyway!

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