Monday, 22 August 2016

An Afternoon at the Sky Garden

This time last week I found my self wandering about London in the absolute glorious sunshine during a lovely three day weekend. I was originally just popping down to visit the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio tour over in Watford (which was MAGICAL fyi, expect a blog post asap) but in the end we decided make a weekend of it and head in to London the day after for a few extra hours of exploring.

One of the places on our to be explored list was the super popular Sky Garden which is found on the 35th floor of the 'walkie talkie' building. Entry is absolutely free (which is a bit of a miracle in central London) but you do have to book a time slot about three weeks in advance for busier/weekend days. Its really central too, about a 10-15 minute walk from tower bridge.

The views were really something special and I could have genuinely stayed out on the front outside viewing platform finding new bits of London to gawp at for hours. You can (and should) walk up the staircases either side of the building and round the gardens to see the views from the back of the building too! 

I thought the actual garden however was a little bit lacking. I think I was maybe imagining a park or something similar but it was more like a small (albeit lovely to look at) collection of ferns, trees and shrubbery. I was just a little underwhelmed.

Once we'd finished wandering around and playing spot the monument we grabbed a free table and some cake and fizz from the Sky Pod Bar situated right in the centre of the building. They do all sorts of cakes and savouries as well as tea, coffee, beer and a list of cocktails as long as my arm. I paid around £10 for a glass of prosseco and slice of Victoria sponge so while prices may not be the cheapest they're not really that much more expensive than the rest of London.  

If you're ever visiting London and stuck for something to do I'd definitely recommend a trip up to the sky garden, if only because its free and that's such rarity. It doesn't take forever to experience either (we were up there about an hour) so its perfect for all kinds of time schedules.  

I'm planning a repeat visit already but this time for cocktails at sunset, think of the views! *insert heart eyes*

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