Thursday, 4 August 2016

Sunday Stripes

Oh man taking these pictures was a tricky business if there ever was one. I cried, threw a bit of a tantrum and made my boyfriend hide the camera/tried to look super nonchalant every time any one walked past. A fashion blogger I am not. 

I am, however, a person with a lot of love for this particular dress. I wore it on a lazy sunny Sunday that involved a lot of mooching around (I needed to find a cute spot for these photos obvs) and a family BBQ because a) its super comfy and b) its stretchy enough that I could eat a veggie hot dog or two no problem. 

There's something about a light cotton dress during summer that feels easy and but also like I've made a little bit of an effort. I love how unfussy it is and I reckon it would look cracking on holiday somewhere sunny with an orange lip and a bit of tan!

Despite my mini meltdown on the day I'm so happy with how these pictures came out in the end! I mean I wish I'd remembered to wear some lipstick/take my hair bobble off my wrist and my very first thought when I saw them was 'oh my god am I really that pale?!' but what can you do.

If I can convince Marc that I'll be a better subject next time I'd LOVE to give outfit photos another whirl. I don't have many different outfits though, I mostly live in my work uniform/pyjamas, so I can promise they'll be very few and far between!

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