Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Mini Lush Halloween Haul

If you haven't realised (although let’s be honest you definitely have) yesterday marked two weeks until Halloween, and I'm so excited I could do a little cry. I Love everything to do with Halloween but one of my favourite things is all the spooky scary goodies that you can pick up in the shops. Foody bits, decorations, accessories, beauty I'd buy the lot if my bank balance would let me. Especially knowing that these bits are only available for a limited time!

So, with that in mind I decided that it was finally time for me to pick up some of the Lush Halloween collection on Friday when I popped down to Ipswich for the day(!) to see mine and Marc's future flat and sign a few bits at the letting agents.

Because of our fast approaching move in date (again !) I’m trying not to be too spendy at the minute, so did my best to limit myself to just a few of my favourite looking pieces. Although in the end that didn't really matter because Marc ending up picking them up for me anyway, what a gem!

The first thing I was absolutely 100% sure I was going to get before I even got to the store was the Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb. I'll be honest with you I had no clue what it smelt like, or what lovely ingredients it was made from, all I knew was that according to the many Instagram photos I’ve seen of it in actions it turns the water the most beautiful shades of pink and purple with its little eye left just staring back at you. It’s packed full of cocoa butter and smells lightly floral (not quite what I was expecting but lovely all the same) and I'm v. excited to use it.

Another thing I picked up that's absolutely packed with cocoa butter is the Boo Bath Melt, an adorable little ghosty that 'takes relaxing the spirits dead seriously', Lush's words not mine! I've never used a bath melt before and I'll be honest I'm not usually a massive fan of the smell of Ginger, the main ingredient in this little guy, but his cute little face swayed me anyway. I'm hoping he'll leave me feeling all moisturised and lovely. 

Then last, but certainly not least, I picked up the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar because I am an absolute glitter fiend and absolutely loved it when I picked it up last year. I generally love a bubble bar because you can get multiple uses out of it and this one is no different. It’s a fruity little thing (featuring notes of Lime, Grapefruit and Juniper-berry) and its turns the water into a gloriously sparkly mix of orange and gold. Perfect for All Hallows Eve!

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