Monday, 3 October 2016

Bomber Jackets and Being Brave

I'm not usually one to follow fashion trends when they come and go because I like to think I know what suits me and I tend to just stick with it. Call me boring but I like to play it as safe as poss because 'fashion' is scary, I don't really understand it and I'm just not usually very brave when it comes to my outfit choices.

That said I have definitely been won over by the recent rise of the bomber jacket. There's something so 90's/00's about a good bomber jacket that really speaks to the 14 year old in me! So much so that I decided to give the trend a go and went hunting for 'the one' in the hope that I might be able to pull it off. 

The one actually ended up being this one which is from the ASOS petite range and is also currently on sale! After a bit of umming, ahhing and wondering if it makes me look a bit like a short pink snowman (its very puffy) I've got to say it's quickly become my absolute number one love. It's quite thick, so practical as well as fashionable(?) and perfect for 'chilly but not quite coat' weather. In fact, I've been waiting patiently for slightly milder October weather just so I can wear it. 

I adore this mink/rose colour at the minute too. It's something a little bit different to the usual black/navy/burgundy colours I tend to be drawn to in the Autumn, and it also makes me feel a *little bit* like I could be one of the pink ladies which is always fun. I've worn it here with a thin black roll neck jumper (Last season ASOS I believe) and some ordinary blue skinny jeans from Topshop because I really wasn't kidding when I said I'm not very adventurous.  

That said I have very recently had about 2-3 inches chopped off my hair, which was pretty brave of me if I do say so myself. You probably can't tell in these pictures because it's still fairly long (and my selfie game is so infrequent) but honestly it just looks so much healthier and I'm chuffed to bits. I'd ideally like to get even more taken off if I can work up the courage, I kind of fancy a long bob!

I'm so happy with how my foray into the unknown world of bomber jackets went! I'm also dead happy with these pictures (even though I only seem capable of looking left?) so big thanks to bae for taking them for me. 

Please let me know what you wear when you're feeling brave so I can celebrate being a little bit less scared of fashion with you too! 

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