Friday, 7 October 2016

The Blogger's Blog Awards 2016

Oh my goodness so where do I start with this one?! Last weekend me and Marc (my general/blogging partner in crime) decided to head to Leeds for the second ever Bloggers Blog Awards, organised by the wonderful Hayley. Now I've got to be honest with you I was a little bit hesitant about the idea when Marc originally brought it up a couple of weeks ago. Partly because I'm generally terrified about meeting new people anyway, but also because so many of the bloggers going seemed to already be such good friends! I was worried I'd end up looking like a massive billy no mates.

BUT Marc is very persuasive, so come Saturday morning I found my self getting on a train (post early morning retail shift *vom*) up to Leeds. We got their a little early so had just enough time for a sneaky Wagamamas, and for me to reapply almost all my makeup in their toilets, before ubering it down to Canal Mills AKA the coolest venue of all time. 

And it turned out I could not have been more wrong about ending up a loner. As soon as we arrived (or maybe as soon as I picked up a prosseco) I just felt so at home. Everyone (and I mean everyone) I spoke to was SO lovely and really welcoming. I got to chat to people whose's blogs and twitters I've admired for absolutely ages as well as meeting so many new people who's blogs I now get to swoon over too. I mean I definitely made a bit fool of myself a couple of times, but everyone was so nice it didn't really matter!

The actual Awards bit was incredible too. Everyone was so supportive of anyone who picked up an award and all the people I found to congratulate afterwards (KatyMegan and Vix I'm looking at you) were so shocked. Once the awards were over there was time for more wine, mingling and cake eating, before the raffle was drawn and some very lucky gal won the lipstick collection of dreams. It was all just SO lovely! 

I left feeling so much love for the blogging community, as well as a massive sense of motivation to really up my own blogging game and start posting more regularly too. In fact as soon as I got home all I wanted to do (apart from sleep and eat pizza) was write! I didn't really take many pictures, in fact I didn't take any at all these are all stolen from Marc, because it was just such a busy day and I'm a very bad blogger! I was clearly having way too much fun getting tipsy and making new bffs, but i'll make up for it in selfies next time I promise.

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