Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Autumn Makeup Additions

I don't really buy new makeup on a regular basis apart because I'm lazy and tend not to wear anything too exciting very often at all. If it doesn't fit into my 'makeup done in under 20 minutes' routine then I'm usually not interested. That being said I have collected a few new bits over the past few months in a bid to be a bit more adventurous with my makeup looks this autumn, and into the festive months ahead. 'Cause honestly if there’s any kind makeup that gets me really excited its makeup of the glittery Christmas variety. 

The first thing I picked up, and probably the most exciting, is the ZOEVA cocoa blend eye shadow palette. AKA the most autumnal palette I have ever seen in my life. After using almost nothing but my (still much loved) Naked 2 palette for the past year or so I was after something along a similar vein but with maybe a couple slightly more adventurous shades throw in for good measure. Enter the ZOEVA palette, described as being inspired by warm truffle colours, delicate nougat shades and tones of shimmering marzipan, making it almost good enough to eat. 

The ZOEVA palette has 10 shades with a good mix of mattes, shimmers and a couple of full-on glittery metallics. The shades are mostly warm-toned, which is exactly what I tend to go for, with gorgeous depth and pigmentation. They're super buttery too and apply like a dream. My favourite shades are Pure Ganache, which is just absolute glittery golden goodness, and Warm Notes, which is a beautiful rich cranberry colour and like nothing I've ever used before. You can pick it up for £18 on Beauty Bay which works out at £1.80 per eyeshadow, which is excellent value when you consider the quality!

I also picked up a couple new Barry M nail paints, one Speedy Quick Dry paint in the shade Sprint Finish and one Molten Metal paint in the shade Copper Mine. Sprint Finish is a lovely rich wine colour that absolutely dries in the blink of an eye, and Copper mine is just a rose gold/copper dream. It's super metallic and it applies so smoothly that I'm 100% smitten. I've always been a firm fan of Barry M nail paints, they're cruelty-free, they come in an absolute rainbow of different shades and they're super cheap too. I tend not to paint my nails very often, only really when I'm going 'out-out', so the idea of paying over the odds for a nail varnish makes me want to cry. 

I've not blogged about makeup in so long so I'm not really sure if I’ve done it right really? A beauty blogger I will never be, but I LOVE having a nosy at what other people are buying (why are hauls so addictive?) so I'm hoping some of you guys do too! 

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