Thursday, 1 December 2016

5 Ideas for a Cosy Night in for One

Right now as I write this post I'm in on my own while Marc is out having fun (and probably getting very tipsy) at his works night out. While I had high hopes for a cosy relaxing night in on my own a lack of forward planning has meant I've ended up feeling mostly bored and a little hungry, after the last minute dinner I cooked myself went kind of tits up.

I don't generally like just my own company so unless I've got some solid plans I tend to get a little antsy if I'm left on my own too long, kind of like a puppy. 

I've got another night in on my own on the horizons, while Marc ventures up to Leeds for a gig this weekend, so my plan is to actually do some planning and do a cosy night in properly! I thought I'd pop down some ideas for the night (lol) in writing, mainly so I don't end up bored again, but also just in case any one else is in need of some night in inspiration of their own. 

1. Eat a lot of nice food 
Okay so if you're starting your night on your own before tea time then treating yourself to your fave food is essential, even better if its something your usual cohabitant doesn't like! I would also recommend making sure you're well stocked up on snacks beforehand! Only realising you've not actually got any galaxy crumble in when you're mid way through your TV series of choice is not what you want. I'm not above going to the corner shop in my Pyjamas in a chocolate emergency, but its probably best to avoid it if you can. 

2. Set the mood
Its hard to relax in an environment thats not relaxing gals! So I'm gonna clear away any mess (or at least hide it where I can't see it) drag as many blankets and cushions to my sofa as I can and turn the big light off! Fairy Lights and Candles do wonders for my mood so I'm planning on lighting every single candle I can find and just ignoring the fact my room smells like Gingerbread, Sicilian Lemon and Lavender all at once. I'm also going to enjoy basking in the festiveness of my front room because, fingers crossed, we should have our tree up by then! 

3. Have a little pamper
I'm gonna be honest here I'm not really fussed when it comes to 6 hour long pamper nights, I get bored easy and the thought of applying 17 different lotions and potions just doesn't do it for me. The most I can go for is taking 30 minutes to have a nice smelling fancy ass bath and maybe even using a face mask if I'm feeling wild. Marc bought me Lush's 12 days of Christmas as a little Advent present (what a gem) so I'm definitely not short of bath bombs right now, the satsuma bath bomb in particular is calling me this weekend. 

4. Call someone for a chat
There are so many people that I love load but just don't get to speak to enough because we're all grownups now with busy busy lives. So I'm going to take this rare opportunity to see if any of my old girlfriends are free for a good natter. I'm also gonna ring my mam because I know she worries about me. 

5. Pick your TV wisely
Rather than flicking through nothing and then settling on whatever rubbish happens to be on at the time, a good 5 hours on your own is the perfect opportunity to start that new series you've been hearing so much about, or to watch that film you love so much but no one else really gets. I'm planning on finally starting The Missing (better late than never right) and then finishing up with the classic cheesy goodness that is Clueless. 

You know I'm almost excited for a Sunday night on my own now! Let me know what you guys do when you've got a whole night in to yourselves, I very rarely go out so night in inspo is always very much appreciated. 

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