Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017 and Thriving over Surviving

Hello my lovelies, how are you all? As is in keeping with this time of the year I've been thinking a lot (a loooot) about my 2016 and what I want from 2017. What worked for me last year and what didn't. The things I want do more of, less of or none at all of. What I want this little piece of internet to develop into. You get the jist! 

2016 was a strange one because on paper, certainly towards the end of the year anyway, things were great for me. I moved in with my long-term lovely Marc, passed my driving test after about 4 years of trying (only a slight exaggeration I promise) and was offered a new job that seems like it'll be much more down my street. I've done all of these wonderful things but still when I look back over the year I mostly feel a resounding sense of meh. I'd spent a good portion of my time, well up until September I'd say, just surviving. I was in a 16hr a week job that didn't really tax me at all, I wasn't blogging properly, I had very little money, and I only got to see Marc at the weekends. 

When I look back at my year whole months disappear in my memory because nothing really happened. I didn't make anything happen. I was settling for an average life and for 'just getting by' because I was so focused on these big things I couldn't change that I totally ignored all the little things that I still had control over that. I think I deserve better than that, and my 2017 will be better than that. Admittedly I am already starting this year in a much better place compared to last year, but I'm determined to take that positivity and run with it. 

So what do I want more of in 2017? I want to travel oh my GOD do I want to travel. I want to explore far away countries and towns twenty minutes from me. I want to spend more time outside in the sunshine, the rain and the fresh air and way less time mindlessly on my phone. I did so little adventuring in 2016 because all my money was put aside for Octobers move and I really want to make up for it this year. Travel is good for the soul after all! 

I want to do work that I love and that I know that I'm good at. It's been nearly a year and a half since I graduated, and tomorrow(!) I finally start my new, not quite but almost a graduate job. It feels a little bit surreal after so long of trying, but I'm fully ready to throw myself into it. I'm ready for the hard work (and the sense of accomplishment) that comes with a Job that challenges you. I'm also absolutely terrified, but maybe that's a good thing? Great things happen at the end of your comfort zone and all that jazz. 

I also really want to put a little more time and effort into this blog. In my previous post, I touched on the fact I was feeling a little out of love with blogging and that I was struggling with finding any creative inspiration. I'm so determined to push past that in the coming few months though, and I really want to indulge my creative side in other ways too. I want to draw and sing and cook, for no other reason than the love of it all. I really want to stop being such a sodding perfectionist too, I'm never going to have a pinterest perfect life so I may as well learn to embrace the mess.  

I want to fully enjoy all the beautiful wonderful little things life has to offer, and make a conscious effort to do more for other people too. I want to do things that make me happy in the moment, but I also want to do what I can to ensure future Kate is happy and secure too. More than everything else though I want to make 2017 a year of thriving, in every sense of the word, rather than surviving. I want 2017 to be great!

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