Friday, 27 January 2017


Hi poppets, I hope you're all well! I know I've been a little awol recently, but that's mainly because I started a new job this month and I'm only just now figuring out a routine that allows me do anything more than work, nap and drink tea. Don't get me wrong I'm really enjoying my new job, and I'm LOVING having weekends permanently free (more on that in another blog post soon), but it's just all taking a bit of getting used to, particularly the sudden lack of access to daylight. 

So, to slightly make up for my radio silence I decided to make the most of some sunny (all be it properly freezing) weather last Sunday and asked Marc very nicely if he'd take some snaps of me prancing around in my new love, this gorgeous dotty New Look dress. I originally bought it to wear to work but I actually think it might be too nice to be permanently relegated to my school wardrobe, so we'll have to see. 

Skater style dresses, like the one in question, are probably my absolute number one style love. I find them super easy to wear, and feel the least conscious of what I look like when I do wear them, which means it surprising how few actually live in my wardrobe! I think the bell sleeves on this one add just that little extra something special, and I can't quite get over how perfect the length is on my 4'11 self. If they did this dress in multiple colours I would order the lot in a heartbeat! 

These photos also feature another gem of a New Look find, my new fave bag. It's the perfect size for everyday adventures and a pretty little nod to the embroidery trend that's so big right now. I mean you're not getting a laptop in there, but you could definitely manage your phone, several bags for life (in case of accidental shopping obviously), an emergency umbrella and at least three or four lipsticks. Other accessories include my Olivia Burton watch, that never ever really leaves my wrist, and some black 'leather' ankle boots from ASOS.

It's taken me so long to write/edit this post that it's already the weekend again, and I'm not actually sure where the past week has gone? Tomorrow marks my 23rd birthday though so my weekend will, hopefully, be full of cake, birthday crowns and Italian food and I'm super excited! 

Not so much about the whole actually getting older part though, 23 seems very much like my Mid-twenties and I'm not sure I feel ready for that? I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's not as scary as it seems!

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